Mood-K – Synthese ep

Mood-K - Synthese ep

The first release from Mood-K, his production was particularly expected, it is pleasant for us, to collaborate and participate in the emergence of a new talent.

With optics to move clubbers on the dancefloor, we can say that these two original titles will have no harm to be effective.

It is with a certain ambition that Mood-K teamed up with two excellent producers, FeelNoize & Niap, each appropriating tracks by providing a different style of the originals.

An ep full of talent, with the cover of the ep, produced by Oceane Lehmann, exploiting black and white, relatively minimalist scene integrates a staircase which suggest a climb, as well as the desire to see what is happening above.

For its first release available, Mood-K ensures a result worthy of his involvement in his project. Playing with sweet style, a deep techno resuming from a Tech-house codes, synthesis Ep consists of 4 tracks beyond reproach.

The Synthese track opens the party, recidivism with the remix of Feelnoize, adding a variation to the original track.

Memento, focuses on a deep-techno more round and dancefloor, with skill of Niap.

Synthese is an EP resolutely modern, efficient and full of finesse.