Omega 5 – Abigail Noises & Shabboo Harper

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Omega 5 - Abigail Noises & Shabboo Harper

The ‘Omega 5’ EP contains two tracks kept in the genre of Electro Psytrance created by Abigail Noises & Shabboo Harper.
These themes are intensely rich, varied in its content of hypnotic notes, full of disturbing feeling in lyrics.

The ‘Omega 5’ is about the artificial intelligence. A strange, powerful force hidden in the Star. This one is approaching the planet Earth. Mankind faces a dilemma if this is a newcomer threatening human existence or an incredible opportunity to make a unique contact with an alien civilization. Both tracks are saturated with deep, mighty sounds; colorful, filled with a cosmic energy and splendid vocal parts. Shabboo Harper’s voice plays the role of an emotional narrator. Are you curious about this story? Are you intrigued how it will end?

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